The accuracy of your measuring device can degrade for many different reasons. Depending on the type of instrument and the environment in which it is being utilised. Typically you will experience normal wear and tear on these instruments. In some circumstances inaccuracy may be due to electric or mechanical shock or due to hazardous manufacturing environments.
It’s our goal to ensure your measuring device is not compromised through such events.
Pinnacle instruments provides a full calibration service to back the products that we supply. These services include:
· Coriolis Flow Meter Bench calibration and certification
· Electromagnetic flow meter bench calibration and certification
· Electromagnetic flow meter field verification
· Pressure and temperature measurement equipment calibration and certification
· Test and measurement Equipment calibration
· Portable and Fixed Gas detector calibration
Here at Pinnacle we have a few objectives when it comes to your calibration. We repair the device if it is out of calibration, ensure the accuracy of your instrument and determine the traceability of the measurement. Our expert will then provide a comprehensive report consisting of the unit’s serial number and model number, the observed errors/faults, the corrective actions taken and the spares/labour used to do these corrective actions.